WASING Rechargeable Flashlight Ajustable LED Spotlight AC Charging 4 Watt Ultra Bright 3 Light Modes Emergency Searchlight Handheld Signal Light for Camping Outdoor Activities Workplace

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  • Adjustable - The flashlight can focus light strongly, and the flashlight head can be adjusted to three different gears, which is convenient to adjust the irradiation angle.
  • Unique Design - Hidden built-in AC charger port. Our spotlight could recharge at home. Charging time is about 6-8 hours (when the battery is fully discharged).
  • 3 Modes of Lighting - The included 2000mAh high-quality rechargeable battery can provide up to 16 hours (medium beam mode) with strong and undiminished brightness. Easy change among strong light, normal light and strobe lighting. Our portable flashlight Good focus, long range, long use time. 3 modes of lighting makes it ideal for use around the house, hiking, or camping.
  • Easy to carry - our flashlight is equipped with a hand strap, easy to carry outdoor searchlight.
  • Occasion - In addition to home use, it is also suitable for mobile lighting and signal indicators such as electric power, telecommunications, construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises and various field workplaces for emergency assistance, fixed-point search, emergency accidents, etc.
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